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Maracon Color Mirror Monopod

RM 24.90

How can I take photo?
1. Connect the audio cable with the mobile phone
2. Press the button on the stick to take photos

FAQ:the cell phone can work with this product?
1.  For iPhone: 4 4S 5S 5 5S 5C se 6 6 Plus, it can use directly. You do not need to do any or app.
2. For the following Android smart phone:
Set the volume to the shutter release. Such as for XIAOMI cell phone: first click on settings-Headphone volume control--control increase/decrease, the second step, open the camera click on phone icon to the left of the right-angle horizontal sliding menu find settings icon and click Enter, shoot setting in the camera, find the volume buttons, click, select the shutter (there are three options, volume, shutter, zoom)
3.  If not, you have two choices. 1. upgrade to the latest version of the Android system can use. 2. try installing an application Camera360 or Selfieshop